Program Rates*
Adventure $7,975
Adventure 2.0 $6,975
Chalutzim Ba'aretz $6,975
Mitzvah Corps Israel $7,575
Sci-Tech Israel $7,575
Sports Israel $7,575

*Thanks to a new initiative called RootOne, which seeks to dramatically increase the number of teens visiting Israel next summer, a limited number of $3,000 RootOne Vouchers will be applied on a first come/first serve basis. RootOne is seeded through the generosity of The Marcus Foundation, and is powered by The Jewish Education Project. If a $3,000 RootOne Voucher is still available, it will be applied before charging your account. If it is not available, your teen will be added to a Voucher waitlist and we will notify you if there are any changes. For more information on RootOne please visit our FAQ page.

Please Note: The program fees listed include anticipated grants and special subsidies that NFTY in Israel has received in the past. If these are not forthcoming for the Summer 2021, there will be an increase in program costs.

What’s Included
The program fees include round-trip international airfare, professional adult supervision, 3 meals per day, hotel accommodations, the complete touring program (including guided tours, admissions, and special programs), basic medical coverage, and all departure taxes. All fees listed are based upon round trip airfares and land costs as of September 1, 2020 and are subject to change.

What’s Not Included

Passport fees; pocket money for incidental expenses such as snacks, gifts, and laundry; expenses associated with chronic disease or sickness or continuing medication such as allergy shots; cost of domestic travel to departure/return airport and back to your hometown; any costs incurred through damage to, or loss of, personal property.

Payment Schedule

A $500 administrative fee per participant is required at the time of registration ($250 of which is refundable through March 1). An interim payment of $2,000 is due by March 1. Final payment is due May 1.

Late Registration Fees

Late registration fees may apply to registrations received after March 1 based on the cost of airline tickets available on our group flights at the time of registration.

RootOne Voucher

RootOne was launched with the goal of dramatically increasing the number of teens visiting Israel next summer. RootOne is seeded through the generosity of The Marcus Foundation, and is powered by The Jewish Education Project. The $3,000 RootOne Voucher is not need-based, but spaces are limited and will be on a first come/first serve basis.

Participants who receive the RootOne Voucher will:

  • Be asked to share their contact information (name,  e-mail and/or cell #) with The Jewish Education Project for the sole purpose of sharing it with like-minded Jewish organizations that can provide meaningful Jewish opportunities for them post-high school.  Contact information will not be shared with other organizations until the last semester of the participants’ senior year and will be stored on a secure server until then. Contact information will not be sold by either The Jewish education Project or the URJ.
  • Take part in pre- and post-trip engagement programming.
  • Be asked to complete surveys regarding their experience, their attitudes and interests, prior, during and after the trip. All surveys will be confidential, and all reports will be anonymous. 
It is additionally understood that should a participant be dismissed from a program for behavioral misconduct as laid out in the code of conduct, or due to injury or illness caused by reckless behavior, not only will the participants RootOne Voucher be terminated, but the family will be held responsible for remaining cost of the trip. This of course does not apply if a participant becomes ill or injured through no fault of their own or must return home due to reasonable extenuating circumstances.


Refunds and Cancellations
At time of enrollment, the $250 administrative fee becomes non-refundable. Through March 1, the remaining $250 administrative fee, including all other tuition payments, will be fully refunded for any cancellation. After March 1, the full $500 administrative fee and $2,000 interim payment ($2,500 total) are nonrefundable. After May 1, no refunds will be issued for withdrawal from the program.
Refunds will be given without penalty (including administrative fee) if:

  • NFTY in Israel is unable or elects not to open because of government regulations, orders or guidelines
  • NFTY in Israel is unable or chooses not to open at their own discretion


B'Nai Mitzvah Certificates
If you have a $250 b'nai mitzvah certificate you would like to redeem, please send a scan to You must redeem by May 1, 2021 in order for the credit to be applied to your account.


Many communities understand that teen travel is a powerful Jewish identity building experience and have allocated scholarship funds. Speak with your rabbi or synagogue educator about scholarship opportunities. Many synagogues and Jewish Community Federations offer scholarships. For more information, please visit our Financial Assistance page.


High-school age teens attending 10th-12th grade in the school year preceding the summer program may attend NFTY in Israel. Participants must turn at least 15 years old as of the first day of the program and may be no older than 18 as of the last day of the program.

Alternate Flight Arrangements (“Deviations”)

Deviation requests must be made in writing no later than April 20. We will make all reasonable effort to accommodate timely requests for deviations from the group air travel itinerary. Typical requests include a change of departure and/or arrival airport(s), travel dates, airline carriers, and/or requests for the parent/guardian to assume responsibility for booking their teen's airfare. Our ability to accommodate deviation requests will be limited by the deviation rules of our airlines. For any deviation from the planned group flight arrangements, there will be a $200 administrative fee plus any additional transportation costs that are incurred. NFTY in Israel is unable to provide adult chaperones for any deviated flight itinerary.

Requests to Be Placed with Friends

We will do everything possible to see that you are placed in a group with your friends if you: applied on time, are participating on the same program and you have the same departure date. Please note that friend requests are not considered for roommate assignments.

Travel Insurance

We recommend a third-party Travel Protection Insurance policy that may allow you to recoup some or all of the nonrefundable expenses you may incur due to cancellation, dismissal, injury requiring withdrawal from the program, lost or delayed luggage, or other unexpected circumstances. Policy details are available on our travel insurance page. NFTY in Israel not a travel protection insurance provider. We cannot guarantee the applicability of third-party travel protection policies purchased by non-recommended insurers. You may opt to purchase our recommended policy on the program registration form. Travel Protection Insurance premiums collected by NFTY in Israel on the insurer's behalf are nonrefundable.

How to Register

All NFTY in Israel program registration is submitted online. Upon registration, you will authorize us to charge your credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover ONLY), Debit Card, or eCheck for the administrative fee. Please note that a non-refundable 2.75% credit card processing fee will be added to all credit card transactions (not applicable to Debit Cards or eChecks). Our office will review your registration within 5 business days, at which time your payment method will be charged. If you are unable to pay the deposit, have difficulty completing the online registration, or have other questions, please call (212) 452-6517 for assistance. After we process your registration and administrative fee, we will email you a confirmation, which will include instructions for accessing important materials to prepare you for the summer ahead. Our bursar will bill you for the balance due based on the payment schedule you select during registration.